Operational Efficiency that Benefits the Entire Supply Chain
Added operational efficiency is equally important for food processors and foodservices operators.

operational efficiency

  • As a food processor you don’t need to invest in new machinery, simply set the equipment to 200℃
  • As a foodservice operator you will reduce preparation and clean-up time


Guaranteed Food Safety
Maintaining the highest standards of food safety is critical for foodservice businesses and processors alike, and Cryovac® Oven Ease® can help by:

food safety

  • Hermetic, leak- and abuse-resistant seals that protect the product during all stages of distribution
  • Keeping employees safe and reducing risks of cross-contamination – users simply place the product directly in the oven


Strong Brand Building
Food processors will experience the positive branding effects of Cryovac Oven Ease through:

brand building

  • Good clarity and gloss for optimal product presentation
  • Opportunities to develop new market segments
  • Satisfaction of consumer demands for hassle-free meal preparation along with easy-tear opening