How you differentiate your premium offerings speaks volumes about how your product is perceived.

Packaging plays a significant role in influencing a consumer’s decision on whether or not to purchase your product. Of course, other factors come into play like past experiences, but the appearance of a package and its ability to attract a shopper’s attention also plays a major role in the consumer decision-making process. Now, more than ever, you need a packaging solution that helps you stand out on shelf.

33% of consumer purchases are made solely based on packaging

Consumers today are looking for a quality product that tastes great and stays fresh longer.*

Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray packaging not only helps you differentiate your product from commodity and other premium offerings but also helps you give consumers the benefits they’re looking for. Today, shoppers of all ages want clean, convenient packaging* and Darfresh on Tray allows you to give them just that. It is leakproof, easy-to-open and freezer ready, providing more benefits than great optics.

In addition, this vacuum skin packaging also helps keep your product fresher longer by extending your products shelf life (up to 2 weeks for poultry**). Cryovac Darfresh on Tray packaging – a beautiful way to make chicken fly off the shelf.

Efficient Packaging with Long-Term Benefits You See Right Away

As a processor, we know that improving your operational efficiencies is just as important to you as meeting the needs of your customers. However, increases in efficiency can be hard to see in the short-term. With Darfresh on Tray you can create tangible benefits like faster processing, better productivity, and reduced costs –allowing you to feel the impact immediately.

Cryovac Darfresh on Tray utilizes 100% of film creating zero film scrap and up to 40% less material waste. It also has 35% faster processing speeds (vs. other skin pack and rollstock technologies) which can significantly increase your pounds per man hour. From packaging more per hour, to using less material and potentially requiring fewer shifts, Darfresh on Tray averages approximately 20 cents less per pack than other typical alternatives. Combined this gives you the efficiencies you want and gives your customers the benefits they need.

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*2018 Power of Meat
** versus standard overwrap packaging