Inventive solution for the food industry

Make your packaging process more efficient saving time, money and materials

operational efficiency

Eliminate film waste and increase your productivity

  • Zero film scrap and up to 40% less material waste
  • Darfresh® on Tray machine works 35% faster than pre-made skin tray packaging technologies

shelf life extension

Double the shelf life of your proteins

  • For certain proteins, Darfresh on Tray allows 10 days life in the retail case and another 10 days at consumer’s fridge at home 

brand building

Strengthen your brand with leak proof and easy to open sustainable solution

  • Allows for vertical display saving shelf space while preventing juices from leaking through seal and dripping down inside the package.
  • Preserves products fresh look until the end of its shelf like which reduces food waste. 
  • Easy to freeze with no freezer burn effect (as opposed to MAP) and lower head space.