High-speed horizontal bag loader for medium to large-sized products.


  • High speed: Up to 45 ppm based on product size and weight
  • Configurable: Inline and perpendicular product separation, staging and loading for dairy products
  • Infeed flexibility: Intelligent product separation and staging for in-line, manual/automatic separation and automatic staging for bucket
  • Gentle product loading: Product is pushed to the bottom of an opened bag and is gently pushed to the loader exit by a series of 3 or 4 paddles
  • Touch screen operator interface with 99 programmable product set-up routines
  • Versatile: Able to load 8 ounce to 12 pound products


  • Cheddar and italian cheeses


  • Length: 86" x 44" wide excluding in-feed
  • Bag sizes: Width 4" - 14"; length 8" - 30