Cryovac® Darfresh® 10K VSP

Darfresh® 10K OTR Film is a highly permeable film that complies with FDA regulations with a guaranteed oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of greater than 10,000 cc/m2/24 hr @ STP.  This innovative solution not only preserves the color, flavor and integrity of the product, but its forming characteristics also allow the product to act as a mold, creating a true skin packaging which totally surrounds the product, acting as a second skin.


  • Highly permeable, multi-layered, coextruded polyolefin
  • Oxygen permeability meets FDA regulations - greater than 10,000 cc/m2/24 hr @ STP
  • Allows shipping of fresh or frozen product to be safely displayed in fresh seafood case
  • Allows vertical display of product, reduced packaging allows better utilization of case space
  • Enhances food safety through leak-proof package
  • Improves quality life of seafood


  • Fresh or frozen fish and seafood


  • Available with a wide range of choices of bottom forming webs as well as pre-made trays