Cryovac® Grip & Tear® Portion-Pull™

This innovative packaging solution allows consumers and foodservice operators to use only what they need without removing the entire product from its packaging, keeping unused portions fresh longer.


  • Keeps the unused portion of the product stored in the original packaging so it remains fresh until ready for use and reduces food waste from spoilage
  • Original package graphics remain on the unused portion of the product, assuring consumers they are getting the product they selected
  • Promotes less waste by minimizing oxygen exposure
  • Requires no new equipment investment and can be used with existing Cryovac® rotary chamber vacuum systems
  • Incorporates horizontal side seal tabs for individual portions that allow customers to tear off the packaging as they consume the product
  • Same seal integrity as standard barrier bag because tear is initiated above the seal. Competitive products that rely on an easy-open seal have the potential to open during transit


  • Can be used with deli meats as well as blocks and longhorn-shaped cheeses ranging in size from 6 ounces to 20 pounds


  • Available in widths from 3.5 to 14 inches and lengths from 6 to 24 inches