Seafood packaging to improve profitability and reduce shrink

Cryovac® LID 1050S

An oxygen-barrier seafood packaging film for hermetically sealing Cryovac® barrier foam and rigid plastic trays for Case Ready fish and seafood. Our modified atmosphere packages are ideal for use with time-temperature indicator labels. These active labels let retailers know if a product has experienced temperature abuse during transport or display.


  • Substantially prolongs the freshness and quality life of refrigerated seafood products
  • Improves profitability and reduces shrink
  • Provides full view of the product for excellent merchandising appeal
  • Lidstock and tray combination with gas-flushing creates desired oxygen modified atmosphere
  • Proven case-ready technologies that have been adapted to meet seafood's special requirements
  • Hermetically seals to the pre-formed tray
  • Seafood packaging remains fog-free during refrigeration


  • Fish and seafood


  • Available with barrier foam or solid barrier tray