Cryovac® Onpack 2070

Cryovac® Onpack 2070

Provides versatility of packaging solid and pumpable food products in a flexible film pouch using two-part fill technology.


  • Precise portions of solids and liquids can be packaged in the pouch.
  • Scales, solids conveyors, centrifugal pumps or positive displacement pumps accessories are available.
  • Offers a number of standard features (printed film capability, touchscreen, etc.)
  • Optional custom end seal designs
  • Touch screen control panel lets operators oversee machine functions and make adjustments
  • Head-space free packaging


  • Solid and pumpable products, such as beef stew or pickles and brine


  • Pouch size: from 6" to 12" wide and 7" to 19" long.
  • Speeds up to 28 packages per minute depending on package size and product viscosity.