Cryovac® Rollshrink®

Cryovac® Rollshrink®

A packaging format that dramatically reduces the seal flange typical of rollstock packages.


  • The material forms a pocket in which the product is loaded, vacuum sealed and passed through a shrink tunnel
  • Superior clarity and vibrant gloss in a tight-fitting package with minimal seal flange
  • Vacuum packaging delivers maximum in product freshness
  • Both forming and non-forming films shrink when activated, giving improved appearance compared to conventional rollstock
  • Improved loading efficiency for certain applications
  • Excellent eye-appeal in retail case


  • Consistently sized consumer cuts of processed meats such as summer sausage, beef sticks and natural casing franks were tooling changes are minimal
  • Small-sized marinated and seasoned fresh meats
  • High volume, consistently shaped cheeses in consumer-sized portions


  • Available in non-forming web plain or registered print up to 10 colors and widths up to 520mm
  • Available in plain forming standard gauge (up to 533mm width), or heavy gauge (up to 500mm width)