Cryovac Simple Steps

Simple Steps® packaging is the latest Convenience Foods & Ready Meals innovation from the Cryovac® brand, the industry leader in food packaging solutions. Ideal for a variety of applications, Simple Steps® uses vacuum technology to preserve freshness and steam-assisted technology to heat food evenly, creating the ideal eating experience.

The products produced by Cryovac that are intended for microwave applications are formulated with raw materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The proper use of these products for food preparation will not result in the migration or formation of hazardous substances that would make the food product unsafe for consumption.


  • Boosts consumer appeal by preserving food quality and keeping food stationary in the tray.
  • Enhances product quality with steam heating and self-venting technologies.
  • Removing the oxygen preserves the food to extend the shelf life of the product.
  • Vacuum-sealed technology ensures that the meal's flavors and ingredients are captured at their freshest.
  • Provides convenience to the consumer through no prep, easy-open package with stay-cool handles.


  • Retail and foodservice meals and sides


  • Variety of tray sizes and shapes to fit the application