Cryovac® SpeedFlex™ Bag-in-Box

Turbo-charge your process! The Cryovac® SpeedFlex system is capable of operating over three times faster than other fillers. Our remarkable liquid packaging system, combined with our bag-in-box offering, gives high-volume processors effective ways to boost operational efficiency and extend shelf life.


  • engineered and designed for efficient changeover, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity
  • Its tremendous speed, flexibility and efficiency vastly outperform other fillers available today.
  • Offers superiors hygiene and food safety
  • Smaller footprint than other fillers


  • Pumpable food products: Dairy, Flavorings, Fruit Purees, Juice, Sauces, Smoothie & Ice Cream Mixes, Tea & Coffee.


  • 30 bags per minute for low-acid products.
  • 30+ bags per minute for high-acid products.
  • FDA accepted for low-acid applications.