RG20 Regusset Machine

RG20 Regusset Machine

A fully automatic bag re-gusset machine for preparing a cheese block for vacuuming and heat sealing.


  • Designed to re-gusset loaded pouches from the CL20 bag loader
  • Sold in combination with CL20 bag loaders to provide a total, convenient system for handling large cheese blocks
  • Employs plug-in modules for quick servicing and product changeovers
  • Should be combined with a UBT20 Block Turner to arrange cheese blocks into the right orientation (if necessary), to feed into the Betavac machine


  • Large cheese blocks


  • Machine dimensions: Length - 36”; Width - 54"; Height: 85"
  • Speed: Up to 6.5 cycles per minute; 400 cheese blocks per hour
  • Specifications for 40 lb. blocks in gusseted pouches 11” width (277 mm) x 8” (200 mm) height x 26” length (660 mm)