Vision System for Material Detection

The CRYOVAC® brand material detection system uses proprietary artifical vision technology to accurately find surface materials as small as 1mm on a moving conveyor. The system stops the conveyor when a foreign material is found, then guides the user to the object using laser technology. Helps reduce recall risk from foreign objects like plastic, wood, or rubber and can lessen labor load by automating task of visual inspection. This system, combined with the SEE Smart Link digital enablement platform,  provides secure data collection, monitoring, analysis, and alerts. Click Here to Learn More.


  • Proven success in fresh meat and poultry operations
  • Can detect contaminants down to 1mm
  • Laser-guided technology points to found objects
  • Finds plastic, rubber or nitrile glove pieces, wood, paper, cloth, wire and more
  • Operates up to 50 ft / minute, can stop conveyor automatically when contaminant is found
  • Minimal maintenance, installed over existing conveyor lines, wash-down compliant
  • Real-time support through fully-staffed solution center