Operational Efficiency IconMake the Move from Rigid to Flexible for Increased Efficiency

Your operational performance is constantly scrutinized, and in the kitchen, we know space, time and cost-savings are critical. 

Those rigid containers you’re using may actually result in more prep time, greater risk of injury and a less efficient use of space. Unlike rigid containers, Cryovac® Vertical Pouch Packaging saves you time and increases worker efficiency. Plus, flexible packaging takes up 40 percent less space—making it easier to handle, store and stack.

What does this mean?

  • More efficient storage: Ideal for operators with limited refrigerator space.
  • Safer, quicker handling: Easy-open pouches require no scissors or knives and completely eliminates the risk of injuries.

Reduce Waste and Cut Costs 

Flexible packaging also plays a vital role in reducing food waste and cutting disposal costs.

Flexible packaging solutions can help you:

  • Decrease food spoilage: Rigid containers often experience flex cracks causing spoilage, but flexible packaging eliminates this problem 
  • Maximizes product flavor and color retention: The oxygen barrier film maintains the freshness and overall quality of food which also increases shelf stability of products 
  • Reduce waste disposal costs: An empty pouch weighs 10 percent of a metal can and takes up less bin space

Moreover, because flexible packaging can be sized to recipe, it results in 8% more product out of the package. That’s what we like to call product yield. And more yield means more sales, less waste and ultimately less money spent on disposal costs.

Do More with Less

At Sealed Air, we understand the importance of doing more with less, which is why we offer solutions to help ensure the overall quality of your operations. You can save space, maximize uptime and cut costs with our flexible packaging solutions. 

So kick the cans, and see what a switch from rigid to flexible can do for your kitchen. We’re here to provide the support you need to make the transition to optimal performance – from our industry experts to the packaging solutions you need to boost your bottom line.

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