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Ken Chrisman, SVP, Global Commercial Operations and Equipment

Consumers across the globe increasingly prefer the ease and convenience of shopping from their couches instead of fighting crowds during the holidays — and the latest sales numbers reflect just that.

Ken Chrisman, SVP, Global Commercial Operations and Equipment

USPS will charge the price that is larger, whether it’s actual weight pricing or dim weight pricing. This means online retailers and fulfillment centers that haven’t been as impacted by dim weight pricing in the past will no longer be able to avoid it. Here are five ways to help take charge of your freight fate.

Sergio Pupkin at Sealed Air

In today’s world, the only constant is change. At Sealed Air, we’re constantly changing — creating new ways to keep up with the challenges posed to society, industry and agriculture. We recognize that we don’t simply protect products from damage or food from spoilage. We also protect against pathogens and foodborne illness. We protect brands from reputational risk. We protect our customers’ operations from waste and unnecessary cost.  


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