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Jim Whaley, Vice President Corporate Communications and Government Affairs at Sealed Air

To demonstrate our support for military personnel, here are three ways we are committed to veterans.

Daniel Adam

One of the funnier (and more truthful) bumper stickers I’ve seen lately has been on the backs of tractor trailers traveling the highways. It reads: Don’t like trucks? Stop buying stuff. Problem solved.

This consumer joke hits home to those of us who spend a lot of time in fulfillment centers, especially during holiday peak season, which heats up mid-November and lasts through early January. As more purchases are made online, there’s more trouble brewing inside fulfillment centers that still aren’t prepared for the onslaught of e-commerce holiday orders each year.

Karl Deily, President of Food Care at Sealed Air

How does food waste relate to food security? President of Sealed Air Food Care, Karl Deily, sat down with World Food Program USA to discuss the root causes of food loss and how we can develop innovative approaches to achieve Zero Hunger worldwide.

Arnaud Brunet EMEA Portfolio Director, Convenience Food & Films

Globally, consumers are turning to snacks more frequently to replace meals. Meanwhile, health concerns and increasingly fast-paced lifestyles are driving demand for healthier snacking options like fruits and vegetables.


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