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Dan Healey Director of Sustainability

The world of reverse logistics is complicated and can have negative ramifications for retailers and customers alike. Packaging that has return logistics built in to minimize shipping costs and complexity will help to retain customers and make life easier on the fulfillment operations.

The rapid increase in e-commerce shipments is putting a strain on carriers’ networks and is quickly affecting freight charges. Freight fees, which add up to significant costs for shippers, must either be absorbed by the shipper or passed on to consumers. To control their freight fate, companies need to know the most common ways additional freight costs can incur.

Dan Healey Director of Sustainability

Consumer demand for recyclable packaging continues to grow, but are consumers asking the right questions about the packaging that enters their homes? How packaging materials are sourced and made, what type of environmental damage they prevent and what kind of infrastructure is in place to reclaim and recycle a package are all important things for brands, retailers and consumers to consider if they really want to choose the most environmental packaging for their product.

Erin Sellman

Consumers across the globe increasingly prefer the ease and convenience of shopping from their couches instead of fighting crowds during the holidays and the latest sales numbers reflect just that.