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Ken Chrisman, President of Food Care at Sealed Air

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: We need to have a serious conversation about TVs and toilets.

Yes. TVs and toilets.

Ten years ago, buying a toilet or a TV usually meant a trip to a home improvement or electronics store – the kind of places where you wander the aisles staring at different models, mentally weighing the respective features like which one boasts a higher pixel ratio or promises of a quiet flush.

The retail world has been cleverly avoiding the icy grip of the grim reaper for several years now. As consumers continue to shift their whims and wallets with just a few clicks, the reports of retail’s demise and potential rebirth keep coming.

Brazil's beef industry accounts for 20% of global exports, valued at $13 billion USD. As food processors continue to expand geographically, there are both challenges and opportunities that companies need to address.

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In November 2017, Sealed Air announced our commitment to hire veterans into five percent of all open positions in 2018 at our Global Corporate Headquarters. At a recent Sealed Air Veterans Network event, we proudly shared that we're not just meeting our pledge but exceeding it.


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