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Arnaud Brunet EMEA Portfolio Director, Convenience Food & Films

Globally, consumers are turning to snacks more frequently to replace meals. Meanwhile, health concerns and increasingly fast-paced lifestyles are driving demand for healthier snacking options like fruits and vegetables.

Jim Whaley, Vice President Corporate Communications and Government Affairs at Sealed Air

Aisles of every store are filled to the brim with pens, notepads and backpacks ready to help students succeed in their pursuit of knowledge. However, not all students have the resources to properly prepare for the school year, which can put them behind in the classroom and cause them to miss critical lessons.

Dan Healey Director of Sustainability

A few years ago, on my way to the office, I was listening to a radio story about the quarterly earnings of a major U.S. retailer. In the story, losses from damaged goods were lumped in the same financial earnings/loss bucket as retail shrinkage and theft.

This type of financial reporting is not surprising, as it has long been true that there’s a certain amount of damage loss companies find acceptable. It can be anywhere from two to eight percent, but every business in every industry manages to find its own “acceptable” damage rate.   

Ken Chrisman, President, Sealed Air Product Care

There are a great many challenges that businesses face as a result of the growing e-commerce economy. Chief among them are the need to combat rising freight costs, overcome labor and warehouse scarcity, work around transportation shortages, and manage the impact this new way of buying and supplying has on our global environment.