One Bad Box Can Ruin a Brand’s Reputation

One Bad Box Can Ruin a Brand’s Reputation

Sealed Air solutions provide protective, personalized packaging from the warehouse floor to your customer’s door. 

Your company’s secondary packaging can no longer be the last thing on the list. As more sales move online, the condition in which your products arrive at customers’ homes and the unboxing experience they encounter is tantamount to how those customers relate to your brand. 

 Who is Sealed Air? 

Haven’t heard of Sealed Air? You may be familiar with our legacy product: Bubble Wrap® 

Sealed Air is the original enabler of small parcel shipments. We help fuel the rapid growth of e-commerce with highly-engineered automated packaging systems and solutions that reduce damage, limit labor costs, increase fulfillment speeds, control shipping fees, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Meet with us during the Women in Retail Leadership Summit and we’ll show you how Sealed Air can solve your company’s e-commerce packaging challenges.

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