Capturing Consumers’ Attention: Sealed Air Food Care Offers Best-in-Class Printing and Graphics Services

Printing Offerings Combine Flexibility with Premium Look and Cost-Effective Price
Monday, June 12, 2017

Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) today is proud to announce its expanded Cryovac® printing and graphics capabilities.

As fewer of today’s shoppers head to the store with a shopping list, more purchases are made from memory or on impulse, making eye-catching graphics features vital for brands to succeed. Cryovac’s Printing and Graphic Services, which leverage more than 75 years of industry experience, help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace without compromising on cost or efficiency and increasing the flexibility for print run lead time and minimum quantities. The umbrella of services includes two new distinctive solutions: high-impact printing on rollstock and advanced digital print capabilities.

High-Impact printing on rollstock combines a proprietary recipe of technologies in both the plate room and printing department to address the unmet needs of the industry – truly flexible graphics and printing with extensive food packaging experience. With no restrictions on the number of available colors, the process enables customers to expand their image capabilities and deliver an engaging printed package without increasing cost. The process also allows operators to put multiple SKUs on the same webs, maximizing space on the press and allowing for multiple outputs. By including finer line screens and fades to zero, high-impacting printing on rollstock delivers graveure-like images with a flexographic printing process.

“With our graphics capabilities, we can design and print packaging that represents your brand’s promise to deliver quality and entices shoppers to buy,” said Mike Rosinski, marketing director, Sealed Air. “But beyond our extensive printing services, we’re able to truly partner with our customers to provide industry insights that help their brands win with consumers.”

Sealed Air also provides high-quality digital printing solutions for customers searching for lower volume, economical options. These flexible digital printing options allow for multiple images on the same press run, which enables more customization and short-run trials without the financial risk of a larger inventory print. Further, the same SKU can be printed with multiple images, presenting a cost effective way to test several proposed label designs at one time.

In addition to delivering appealing packaging and an increased variety of designs, digital printing can help protect brand integrity. With the rise of own-label products, consumers may mistakenly purchase a similar-looking product or even be fooled by a counterfeit. Cryovac’s digital printing technology allows for security testing—to avoid potential counterfeit printing—with very tight fine lines and micro-printing, and can be quickly updated or printed on a short run to recapture consumers’ attention.

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Liz Hancock