LID1050, Cryovac®’s Industry-Leading Food Packaging Film, Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Sealed Air Brand Reaches Milestone in Mission to Provide Innovative Food Packaging Solutions
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sealed Air Corporation’s (NYSE: SEE) Cryovac® brand is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its industry-leading food packaging solution, LID1050. Developed in 1997, LID1050 was the first plastic food tray lid application to address the need for case-ready packaging. Prior to the introduction of LID1050, meat and dairy processors did not have a packaging option that offered hermetic seals for prolonged shelf-life and freshness while also providing an appealing presentation for consumers.

Sealed Air solved that problem by offering a clear, oxygen-barrier shrink film that hermetically sealed food products in plastic trays and remained fog-free during refrigeration. The LID1050 solution addressed the needs of processors who had been unable to deliver truly case-ready products using high-speed machines while delivering transparent packaging for easy retail merchandising.

In the 20 years since Sealed Air revolutionized food packaging with LID1050, the solution has become an integral part the meat and dairy retail case. In fact, LID1050 covers an estimated 12 percent of the retailer meat cases nationwide, with packaging for fresh red meat, pork, poultry, smoked and processed meats and seafood.
“Sealed Air is incredibly proud of the sustained excellence Cryovac LID1050 has been able to provide to food processors and retailers over the past 20 years,” said Shawn Harris, marketing director, Sealed Air Food Care. “LID1050 has proven to be the gold standard of the industry, and today we remain committed to providing equally valuable and innovative solutions to our customers.”

While LID1050 has remained a mainstay for the case-ready market, the need for more packaging options has continued to evolve. To match the ever-shifting demands of retailers, Sealed Air has expanded the original LID1050 line into a robust family of Cryovac Lidstock products. The range of lidstock offerings include plain or printed films, peelable films and films designed specifically for seafood. LID1050, and the family of Lidstock solutions, continues the Cryovac brand’s 75 year legacy of innovation to meet the needs of processors, retailers and consumers.




Liz Hancock