Sealed Air Celebrates Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

The Company That Invented Bubble Wrap Continues to Improve Its Legacy Product
Monday, January 28, 2019

CHARLOTTE, NC, JANUARY 28, 2019 -- Sealed Air Corporation proudly recognizes today as Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day and encourages fans to #KeepPopping. As the company inventor and keeper of the legacy, Sealed Air invites fans to pop a few plastic bubbles in honor of the mighty material that kicked off a revolution in protective packaging.

There's now more to Bubble Wrap than most people know. Through continuous innovations, Sealed Air has developed better, stronger and faster air bubble cushioning materials that are inflated on demand by machines that easily fit into any size warehouse or distribution center. Companies no longer need to pay for shipping air across the country.

The new generation of inflatable Bubble Wrap not only prevents damage during the rigorous e-commerce journey but can also withstand higher weight loadings, which allow the solution to replace low-density foams. What used to be a simple sheet of plastic is now a complex, multi-layered example of technology and ingenuity steadily being improved upon by Sealed Air's innovation and development team.

And now, Sealed Air has created a way for small businesses to create Bubble Wrap on-demand from the office or workspace. This new Bubble Wrap inflator fits on desktops and can help small businesses move away from ubiquitous foam packing peanuts, and avoid transporting and storing bulky rolls of pre-inflated Bubble Wrap. The simple system saves space, time, and money for low-throughput operations.



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