Sealed Air to Feature Newly Expanded Portfolio of Automated Systems and Packaging Solutions at Pack Expo

Monday, September 23, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 23, 2019 – This week Sealed Air (NYSE: SEE) will feature its latest automated solutions and packaging options at Pack Expo 2019. Many of these innovations are designed to help companies of all sizes eliminate waste and drive more sustainable operations.

This is Sealed Air’s first global packaging event since its acquisition of Automated Packaging Systems, Inc. (APS), a leading manufacturer of automated bagging systems. Completed in August, this investment allows Sealed Air to better serve the e-commerce, fulfillment and food packaging markets. APS brings highly complementary and additive capabilities to Sealed Air, including expertise in engineering, automation technology and sustainability.

Pack Expo is the world’s largest packaging trade show. It will be held September 23-25 in Las Vegas. Sealed Air will exhibit selections from its portfolio at booth C-2041 and APS will exhibit at booth C-1814. For additional details, visit Sealed Air’s Pack Expo webpage.

Solutions Featured at Pack Expo Include:  

Automated Packaging Solutions to Showcase:

Autobag® 650 Horizontal Bagging System
Autobag 650 from APS is a wide bagging system designed for horizontally packaging large products for e-commerce fulfillment. It’s engineered with an emphasis on ergonomic design for the operator and features an inline thermal transfer printer, which eliminates the need for a separate labeling operation.

Polyester Laminated to High Barrier, Coextruded Packaging Film
Polyester Laminated to High Barrier, Coextruded Packaging Film from APS offers oxygen barrier properties for food products that require extended shelf life and odor containment. The film is available in non-structured and stand-up pouch configurations.

Sealed Air to Showcase:

SEALED AIR® brand StealthWrap F7AC Parceling Film
Sealed Air® brand StealthWrap parceling film seals and protects packages during transit, eliminating the need for overboxing. The new F7AC model wraps larger, heavier items at 30 packs per minute while adding tracking labels. The system features three-sided scanners that result in minimizing labor and uptime. 

BUBBLE WRAP® brand Instasheeter Select System
Bubble Wrap® brand Instasheeter Select is a new automated system that streamlines packaging operations by eliminating the need to manually insert protective material. Placed on the conveyor line, the system automatically cuts and inserts Bubble Wrap® brand inflatable cushioning to the size of each box, which eliminates packaging waste and increases throughput. 

BUBBLE WRAP® brand Jiffylite® Auto Compact Mailer System 
Bubble Wrap® brand Jiffylite Auto is an automated pack-station system developed for operations using kraft bubble mailers. The tabletop machine enables faster loading and heat sealing, which can improve throughput velocity. The heat seal enables bubble protection at the closure and creates a tamper-evident package.

CRYOVAC® brand Onpack-3002 Automated Pumpables System
Cryovac® brand Onpack-3002 is a vertical pouch packaging solution for pumpable food products such as soup, sauces and condiments. It has been upgraded to function as a dual-lane system that allows processors to fill two pouches at the same time, doubling productivity with up to 140 bags per minute.   




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