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Friday, September 16, 2016

It’s highly likely, if you’ve traveled anywhere across the globe, you’ve either stayed in or come in contact with an Accor hotels property.  With properties in over ninety countries around the world, the company is well known for taking to heart their mission to make travelers “Feel Welcome”. While the welcoming nature and restful environment of an Accor hotel stay might be what you remember, it’s what they’re doing behind the scenes that might have the greatest impact on your impression of an Accor property. 

Around the globe, millions of people are struggling with poverty.  They live right around the corner, often within walking distance, of what most would consider luxury hotels.  These citizens fight a daily battle to provide for their families and ensure their children are healthy and can attend school, hopefully breaking the cycle of poverty they’ve found themselves in.  This is where global travelers, and their stay at an Accor hotel property come in, with an interesting way of contributing to bringing these residents out of poverty.

Each day, hotel guests unwrap, use, and then discard hotel guest soaps.  While these bars of soap are created to be smaller and more appropriate for short term use, the remaining soap scraps start to add up.  That’s where Sealed Air’s Soap For Hope program comes in.  The team at Sealed Air realized they were on the verge of an incredible opportunity to help both their Diversey Care hotel partners, and the citizens of the world, by finding a way to repurpose this common hotel property waste. The program allows hotels to reduce their waste, meet their environmental commitments, and give back to the communities they operate in.

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