Going Green to Solve Businesses' Problems A Sustainable Model For Bubble Wrap Manufacturer

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sealed Air Corporation ranked fifth among publicly traded companies in the U.S. for sustainability practices on Newsweek's Green Rankings 2017 list. 

Sixty years ago, a couple of engineers set out to create a new kind of wallpaper, sealing together two plastic shower curtains with air bubbles trapped in between. The idea was a flop, so they peddled their new product as greenhouse insulation. That tanked, too. In 1960, the two men, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, founded Sealed Air Corporation. Their unimpressive little invention finally had its moment as their flagship product: Bubble Wrap.

Today, Sealed Air’s products are pretty much everywhere—in Amazon boxes, lining mail-order meal-prep kits, shipping meat around the country, and helping hurricane victims across the southeast. With a new global headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company has 14,000 employees in 117 countries. Sustainability is at the heart of Sealed Air’s work. Newsweek spoke with vice president of sustainability, Ron Cotterman, who joined the company 32 years ago and became its first sustainability employee in 2007.

Read the full story on Newsweek.com.

To learn more about about Sealed Air's sustainability practices, read our annual sustainability report.

Sealed Air Korrvu packaging

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