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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Good news and the people creating that news is always a welcome story. Yet, it’s often the people creating good news that simply refuse to be a part of the story. Their selfless dedication and passion for the work they are doing is enough. They don’t need to have their name in lights, or headlines for that matter.

Thankfully, there are publications taking the time to shine the light on those individuals, teams and companies who are doing good. One such publication is Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Corporate Responsibility magazine spotlights annually the providers and practitioners in the realms of Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility.  In its 2017 annual listing, Stefan Phang, Sealed Air's Sustainability Director for the APAC region, is named as a CR Superstar.

As a Corporate Responsibility Superstar, Stefan Phang is honored alongside some of the most passionate teams and individuals in the world.  Phang, who was nominated by a Sealed Air customer, was chosen from among the largest pool of nominations the Magazine has ever received.  According to Corporate Responsibility Magazine, those named as CR Superstars are passionate about their work, and it is a passion that extends beyond the four walls of an office or the hours of a work day.  As he puts it, his work is what he was meant to do. "This Award is special because I was nominated by a customer without my knowledge. It shows that our customers value what Sealed Air's teams around the world do for them. My team members and the people from our partner hotels around the world who are involved in the Soap For Hope and Linens For Life programs are the true superstars and this Award is for them too, and not for me alone,” said Phang as he reflected on his award.

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