How Digital Innovation is Revolutionizing Sealed Air

CIO Review
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Marc Hamer for CIO ReviewDigital transformation is an integral part of Sealed Air’s strategy. A key focus for the IT & Digital team is to establish the company as a well known knowledge-based, technology company. In a featured article with CIO Review, Sealed Air CIO, Marc Hamer, discusses how digital technology will transform and revolutionize Sealed Air’s business and the industries we serve.


“Technology and Digital Innovation is the only function that extends horizontally across all of the vertical P&Ls no matter what company you are talking about and this factor has the opportunity to truly transform an organization. Information Technology has the potential to impact the top line through growth and the bottom line through efficiencies and that proves to be a unique and powerful combination if utilized correctly.”


It’s imperative that we bring new solutions to our customers and allow them to view us as an extension of their own business. The goal is to be a true business partner in every sense of the word, offering solutions to our customers that help drive their businesses forward.


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