The Power of Digital Automation

HMG Strategy
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jerome Peribere, Marc Hamer for HMG StrategyA key goal for Sealed Air is improving the efficiency of our customers’ operations and digital automation will help drive success in this area.

In a recent interview, Jerome Peribere and Marc Hamer discuss the importance of digital automation and how it will help to customize packaging and will change the game in terms of e-commerce and eliminating waste.   

As stated in the article, one of the top challenges Marc sees for Sealed Air to execute its business transformation successfully is to increase and enhance the digital knowledge for our commercial teams. “I’m looking for ways to get our commercial teams to think outside of the box,” Marc explains.

This includes having members of Sealed Air’s commercial teams envision solutions for clients using the Internet of Things (IoT) and to approach client challenges and opportunities with an analytical perspective. “The more they’re able to think this way, the more they’ll be able to see different opportunities when they’re out with customers,” Marc adds.

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