CogniPRO™ Link

A cloud based technology that connects packaging equipment for a deep analysis of production data, enabling benchmarking and predictive actions.

CogniPRO Link will provide you a deep 360° assessment and analysis of your operation by application and process. With this analysis you will be able to solve specific problems by providing ongoing and permanent improvement programs.  


  • SCAN - Quick survey step to estimate your potential opportunity for improvement and validate Return on Investment (ROI).
  • AUDIT - Detailed opportunity assessment and benchmark versus industry average and best-in-class operations.
  • ANALYSE - Data collection utilizing smart monitoring hub; Proprietary data collection and management tools hosted on secure platform; Data analysis, benchmarking, predictive modelling.
  • SOLVE - Solutions or project improvements to implement at your sites a consequence of recurring issues highlighted by alerts and recommendations.


  • Cryovac® 8600E-18
  • Cryovac® VS95TS
  • Cryovac® STE98
  • Cryovac® WR81