Sistema automatizado para envasado de productos cárnicos congelados. Film multicapa con alto brillo y transparencia. Ideal para proteger y mejorar la presentación del producto.

Un film unique film conçus pour les sacs multi-compartiments avec scellements internes frangibles.

With the same warehouse space you can put 20% more AirCap® E 200m bubble than standard AirCap® E 100m bubble.

Anti-static Bubble Wrap bag for circuit board

AirCap® Anti-Static bubble wrap provides protection for your sensitive electronic components.

Self-dispensing and easy-tear for convenience, the Ready to Roll dispenser requires very little storage space. It is ideal for use in mailrooms or small shipping areas.

Bubble Mask adhesive bubblewrap

Easy to apply and remove and non permanent BubbleMask self-adhesive provides excellent surface protection. It is suitable for almost all surfaces.

Laminated with Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam, AirCap® barrier sealed bubble is a low abrasion yet resilient material.

Insulation packaging for shipping

Reflectix® is a multi-layer reflective insulation consisting of two layers of aluminium foil covering layers of AirCap® bubble and Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam.