By Sealed Air Staff Writer

Bubble Wrap® fandom has come a long way in the 60 years since it was invented. For starters, there are more than three million YouTube videos about Bubble Wrap®, created by a global population of devoted fans. 

The team here at Bubble Wrap® HQ (also known as Sealed Air) gets to interact with these fans on a daily basis via social media - and in our own lives where the number one question from family members is: "So, that job of yours. Does it come with a lifetime supply of Bubble Wrap?" (Answer: It doesn't.)

Each year on the last Monday in January, this fanatic passion for Bubble Wrap® hits a fever pitch on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

At Sealed Air, we look forward to this annual day of recognition when kids and kids-at-heart everywhere celebrate the simple joy of little pillows of air captured between sheets of plastic. It's humbling (and always entertaining) for us to see the thousands of Twitter hashtags, Instagram Boomerangs, and Facebook love notes devoted to Bubble Wrap® that are created on this day alone.

It's this kind of heartfelt, personal interaction that reminds us of the incredible impact each Bubble Wrap® user and receiver has had on the evolution of the brand over the last 60 years. Because we believe packaging really is personal. And it's becoming even more personal every day as commerce moves from the storefront to the door front, bringing the shopping experience inside your living room.

That's why this year; we're asking fans of Bubble Wrap® to help us choose the next addition to the Bubble Wrap® family. We want your help to choose the bubble design that best expresses your interests or personality. Voting begins here on January 29, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and continues through February 5. Voting is open to Bubble Wrap® fans around the world.

You can vote as often as you like for the bubble shape you like best. The winner will be announced on the Bubble Wrap® social media channels so be sure to follow Bubble Wrap® on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find out which shape pops to the top of the pack.

The winning design will be produced for commercial use as part of the Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions line and could start showing up in e-commerce packages delivered to your doorstep.

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Express yourself and your love for Bubble Wrap® by casting your vote and we'll see you (and your hilarious, adorable, creative Bubble Wrap® tributes) on social media!

Bubble Wrap Vote 2018