Secondary Custom Packaging Is More Powerful Than Ever Before

As e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape and store traffic dwindles, more and more products are being sent directly to homes. As the needle moves higher and higher on the consumer instant gratification meter, speedy, undamaged deliveries of those products are now an online shopping expectation—not a bonus. With so much merchandise landing on doorsteps, companies need to find a new way to differentiate.

Packaging is the last moment of truth; it’s the last chance to personally connect with a consumer before the product is in use.

Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

The visual and tactile impacts inside a package can be powerful. Logos, photos, illustrations, and inserts, among other things, can allow recipients to envision the products enhancing their lives.

In this way, the custom packaging design reinforces the mission and lifestyle of a company, as well as the lifetime customer value.

Carrie Giaimo, Sealed Air Director of Global Marketing, discusses the role packaging plays in the unboxing experience during a guest appearance on Women in Retail Talks, a podcast of Total Retail:

Unboxing Goes Social

Opening a package is no longer a solitary affair. E-commerce recipients have taken to social media to share their unboxing experiences. According to our e-commerce research, 72% of consumers use unboxing videos to find out more about a product.

In addition to the recipient, social media can greatly affect a viewer’s opinion of the company that sent the box. A pleasant unboxing performance could lead to more sales whereas a negative or neutral unboxing experience could dissuade potential sales.

See how consumers are taking their unboxing experiences to social media:

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