Air is everywhere.

There is nothing more ubiquitous, and yet nothing more vital. It keeps planes in the sky. It generates energy to light cities. It gives life.  With the invention of Bubble Wrap®, Sealed Air became the first packaging manufacturer to harness the incredible power of air, and in doing so, helped usher in a new era of commerce and economic growth. And now we're doing it again.

Air pillows can reduce material use by 50%

Adding SKUs to your inventory?

We know your business can grow and change quickly. Our inflatable packaging and air pillow solutions are created with agility in mind. New SKUs? New designs? No problem. Our systems adapt quickly to growth in volume or variety so that your business can go wherever the wind takes it.

Customers demanding express delivery?

On-demand inflatable packaging, air pillow packaging and cushioning solutions are designed for speed and maximum labor efficiency. Sealed Air provides the protection you need and ensures that every order is destined for an on-time arrival.

Need your items to arrive safe and secure every time?

Air protects. So do we. No matter what products you need to ship, Sealed Air can quickly and affordably provide the protection performance you need – and deliver serious efficiency gains in labor productivity, shipping costs, and material usage. Prevent items from shifting, bruising or breaking during transit with void fill solutions that are reliable, sustainable, and efficient.