Automated Packaging Solutions That are Flexible and Scalable

Whether you’re ready to take your current fulfillment center from manual pack stations to semi automation or full automation, Sealed Air’s custom solutions offer the flexibility and scalability to support the growth of e-commerce fulfillment for a multitude of industries including health and beauty products, consumer packaged goods, apparel and electronics.

Our portfolio of automated packaging solutions can:

  • Reduce material costs and minimize waste
  • Increase fulfillment velocity
  • Anticipate and reduce freight costs
  • Optimize labor and maximize capacity
  • Meet seasonal and peak demands
  • Limit downtime
  • Strengthen brand experience

Inline Automation Solutions

Pharmapacks CEO

Helping Pharmapacks Grow Into a Major E-Commerce Operation

“This new design has given us the capacity to grow, take on more business, expand into different territories, give a better customer service — and that’s all from the automation.”
Andrew Vagenas, CEO of Pharmapacks

As its packaging solution provider, Sealed Air helped Pharmapacks add, customize and adapt packaging processes and automated systems to unlock labor efficiency, reduce costs and make the most of every square foot of an overwhelmed warehouse. Learn how Sealed Air has been critical to Pharmapacks’s growth.

We Can Grow With You

Sealed Air’s research shows that freight, labor and damage account for 85 percent of the total cost of fulfillment. If your cost-saving efforts are focused on lowering material costs or eliminating the time packers spend looking for boxes, you could be overlooking potential hidden costs. We can target and solve these issues by adding automated packaging solutions to the fulfillment process.

And, as your operation grows and pack volume increases, you’ll need to reevaluate your packaging strategy to keep throughput speeds high. Sealed Air’s Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services team can help map a future state so you will know when it’s time to move forward in your automation journey.

Inline Automation Solutions



Automated Solutions



Designed to minimize the shipping, operating and consumables costs of parcel shipments and optimize productivity for B2C fulfillment operations.


Best for B2B operations and palletized shipments, this void-containment packaging solution automates corrugated tray forming and box closing.


This void-reduction system automatically rightsizes packaging and is ideal for companies that ship between 300 and 3,000 packs per day.


This opaque, flexible parceling film seals and protects packages during transit, eliminating the need for outer boxes and additional packing material.


A powerful solution for the high-volume e-commerce market, this system produces customized, ready-to-ship polybags at up to 30 bags per minute.


Best for variable volume and packaging requirements, this high-speed automated system encapsulates products in ready-to-ship protective packaging.

Our team of Lean Six Sigma fulfillment experts can take your operation to the next level.

sealed air pack station solutions

Is your pick and pack process optimized for productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction? 

As a fulfillment packaging partner to Pharmapacks, Sealed Air added, customized and adapted processes and systems to unlock labor efficiency, reduce costs and make the most of warehouse space.

Complex Fulfillment Challenges

We solve complex fulfillment challenges and we are powered by solutions for inline automation and pack stations.


Optimize fulfillment process