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Fifty-eight years ago, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes found an ingenious way to seal pockets of air in between two plastic shower curtains to create a three-dimensional pattern of tiny bubbles.

And the rest was history.

Okay, so it isn’t quite that simple. The product they created was a groovy textured wallpaper designed to enthrall fans of avant garde interior design. On that count, the original Bubble Wrap was a total flop. But soon Marc and Alfred would find a way to turn their failed creation into a whole new industry segment: engineered plastic packing materials that cover, cushion, and protect.

And more than five decades later, it’s still doing exactly that. And it’s going to go on doing it for many decades to come.

Just as their founding idea has remained a part of Sealed Air’s legacy, so has their commitment to purposeful innovation. When their first attempt didn’t work, they didn’t admit defeat. They found a new purpose. They made it better. They tried again.

It’s exactly that sort of courageous determination that still drives our Sealed Air innovators today. All over the world we have brilliant minds coming up with new ways to protect the things that matter most – your health, your food, and the critical things you need to create a better way of life for yourself and your family every day.

And we know that sometimes, the thing you need most in your life is a little bit of fun. A way to relieve stress or cure idle boredom. Something to keep the kids happy in the backseat on long car trips, or to keep the dog distracted during family dinners. Creating bubbles with the purpose of popping them may not have been what Marc and Alfred had in mind back in 1957 when they were experimenting with old shower curtains, but they certainly would have appreciated the ingenuity.

And so do we. That’s why no matter what new innovations we bring to the market, and no matter what new technologies we develop to help Re-Imagine the industries we serve, we’ll keep making original Bubble Wrap® with the qualities you have come to know and love – superior protection and non-stop-popping fun.

Pop on, Bubble Wrap® fans. Pop on.


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