Anti-static Bubble Wrap for maximum air retention

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Experts estimate that the average product losses due to static range up to 33%. The number of electronics shipped directly to customers is growing and there’s a fine balance between ensuring the product doesn’t get damaged in transit and over-packaging. Anti-static Bubble Wrap is a cost effective ESD protective packaging for processing, shipping and storing of semiconductors and other electronic devices.


  • High performance static-free characteristics designed to protect electronic components
  • Meets all electrical and applicable physical requirements of PPP-C- 795D
  • Maximum 2 second decay +/- 5000 to zero volts. Specimen conditioning at 73°F, 15% R.H. for 24 hours
  • Surface Resistivity: Less than 1.0 X 10 11 OHMS/square. Specimen conditioning at 73°F, 15% R.H. for 24 hours


Anti-Static Bubble Wrap
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