The e-Cube® void reduction system automatically creates right-sized packaging for a wide variety of industries. Ideal for companies that ship anywhere from 300 to 3,000 boxes per day.

When packages are right-sized to reduce or eliminate void, the cost of freight is reduced along with the space on the truck, resulting in a more sustainable environmental footprint.

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  • 100% corrugated package and “curb-side” recyclable


  • Reduces or eliminates the need for void-fill, reducing the cost of packaging materials, and creating a more sustainable carbon footprint for any fulfillment operations.
  • Takes precise measurements of the height of the contents, scores and folds the excess corrugated and seals the flaps automatically creates a perfect fit.
  • Variable heights, multiple SKUs – the e-Cube® accommodates a wide variety of variables and creates the perfect package for every order
  • 100% corrugated package and “curb-side” recyclable