The e-Cube® void-reduction system automatically creates rightsized packaging for a variety of industries. It’s ideal for companies that ship between 300 and 3,000 boxes per day. 

The system measures the height of the contents, scores and folds excess corrugated material and then seals the carton.   

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  • Enhances sustainability. The 100% corrugated package is curbside recyclable. 

  • Offers versatility. The e-Cube accommodates variables such as multiple SKUs and height differentiations to create the perfect package for each order. 

  • Enhances customer experience. Packages are secure, neat and easy to open. 

  • Reduces damage. Rightsized cartons reduce internal space to secure items during transit. 

  • Reduces material costs. Rightsized cartons eliminate the need for void fill and other types of protective packaging materials.  

  • Increases fulfillment velocity. The e-Cube creates up to 3,000 cartons per shift.