FasFil® Jet

The SEALED AIR® brand FasFil® Jet is a large paper void fill machine, ideal for high-volume, in-line operations with oversized voids.

The system is designed with a large paper capacity that is easy to load and operate. It can be easily adjusted to work in an automated environment and fit seamlessly over conveyors. This paper void fill system delivers 30-inch paper at 375 feet per minute to fill the largest voids while keeping up with the most demanding packaging environments. Sealed Air's FasFil Jet is designed with a large paper capacity that is easy to load and operate, runs multiple weights of 30-inch fanfold paper, and offers an optional refuel cart. A variety of options help you improve efficiency by saving time, energy, and packaging materials. This solution is engineered to quickly produce paper void fill without jamming to eliminate downtime. The simple footswitch operation delivers continuous, customized lengths. The cut-and-hold function continuously produces paper output to keep up with the pace of the packer.

The FasFil paper void fill systems are sustainable solutions. The lofted, crimped design of the paper helps to minimize waste by reducing the amount of packaging material needed to provide superior protection. Our paper is responsibly sourced from 100% recycled paper packaging material, is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified, and is curbside recyclable.


  • Best for high-volume, in-line operations that require oversized voids
  • Produces 30-inch paper at 375 feet per minute
  • 100% recycled paper packaging material is responsibly sourced and curbside recyclable
  • Converts paper of different weights in manual, programmed-length, and auto repeat modes to keep pace with dynamic packaging operations
  • Designed to prevent paper jams, meaning less maintenance and greater uptime
  • Simple footswitch design and digital controls require minimal training
  • Fanfold paper is available in 3 different basis weights to ensure optimal protection