FasFil® Jet Paper Void Fill System

FasFil® Jet is a paper void fill machine ideal for high-volume operations. It can be easily adjusting to work in an automated environment and fit seamlessly over conveyors. It converts fanfold packaging paper that is 100 percent curbside recyclable.

This machine has the capacity to convert paper void fill in manual, programmed length, and auto repeat modes to improve packaging throughput and performance. Simple footswitch operation and digital controls require minimal training or maintenance.


  • Reliable and durable. Loading paper is easy and designed to prevent paper jams, which means greater uptime and a more profitable packaging operation
  • Fulfillment velocity. Produces 30-inch paper at 375 feet per minute to keep pace with dynamic fulfillment demands
  • Safety. Designed to create a fast and easy packaging experience, which includes reducing stress and strain on the operator
  • Versatile. System height and swivel options can be tailored to best fit your existing packing operations. Simple footswitch operation and digital controls deliver customized paper lengths
  • Environmentally responsible. Paper packaging is made from 100 percent recycled content. The lofted, crimped design minimizes waste by reducing the amount of packaging material needed to provide superior protection