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Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services

Our Fulfillment Design and Engineering Services team, comprised of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt engineers, is ready to help you overcome today’s packaging fulfillment challenges, such as damage, warehouse space, labor shortages, and rising freight costs. 

E-commerce shoppers tend to order 3x more than traditional methods and 78% of Americans expect their orders to be shipped within 24 hours. Are your fulfillment operations ready to meet these demands?  

Strategize to Minimize Waste During Peak Season

Peak Season is likely a strain on your operation. Uncover the hidden waste within your operations to optimize your fulfillment center. Register to learn more about the key drivers to improve fulfillment operations. Daniel Adam, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, will uncover for you the waste that impacts your centers maximum performance to meet peak demand.

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  • As your packaging partner, Sealed Air will focus on putting the right people and the right systems in place, so you can uncover more than 30% gains in productivity.