The I-Pack® system is designed to minimize the freight, operating and consumables costs of parcel shipments by rightsizing the pack and optimizing productivity for B2C order fulfillment operations.  

After a corrugated tray is formed and contents inserted, the tray is folded to create a rightsized carton that is sealed with a lid. An optional material insertion system add-on automatically cuts and inserts sheets of inflatable bubble into each box for product cushioning and protection. 


  • Enhances sustainability. The 100% corrugated package is curbside recyclable. 
  • Reduces freight costs. The I-Pack's patented rightsizing technology has proven to achieve annual dimensional weight cost reductions of more than 30%.
  • Enables labor savings. Tray forming, height adjustment and lidding processes are automated for high throughput. Trays provide more efficient picking than regular slotted containers. 
  • Increases fulfillment velocity. Output rates up to 900 packs per hour.
  • Reduces material costs. Rightsizing each parcel eliminates the need for void fill and additional packaging materials. 
  • Enables space savings. By consolidating packaging inventory to two or three box sizes, the I-Pack frees up fulfillment center floor space.   
  • Reduces damage. The I-Pack's patented measuring and scoring module provides multilayer package construction, which increases package strength and adds product protection. 
  • Strengthens brand awareness: Add logos and company names to pre-printed trays and lids to enhance brand identity.
  • Enhances customer experience. A built-in tear strip makes each package tamper-evident and easy to open.