Pedestal Molding System

Pedestal Molding™ System

Pedestal Molding™ System

The Instapak® Pedestal Molding system, in conjunction with the Instapak® 900 Series hand-held foam dispensing system, allows customers to create cushions without limit to mold cavity depth or minimum wall thickness. The basic Instapak® Pedestal Molding system can be modified in different ways to produce molded cushions for a variety of applications.

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  • Uses an Instapak® Pedestal Molding™ Film bag to save material while speeding up and simplifying the hand-held molding process
  • Unique up and down action brings the center of the mold up and out of the mold cavity for easy film placement
  • Removes limitations of extreme mold cavity depth and/or narrow wall thickness - this new process makes it easy to place film in deep and narrow sections of a mold
  • Molding stations are custom-built to your application by the packaging engineers in our Packaging Design Centers


Pedestal Molding™ System
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