ProPad paper packaging system is a superior paper cushioning machine ideal for small-cell or inline operations. Dispensing modes include manual, auto repeat, endless, and sequence mode to meet your productivity goals.  

ProPad provides the unmatched peace of mind of a rugged and dependable packaging system. It requires minimal service and delivers greater uptime for a more profitable packaging operation. 


  • Fulfillment velocity. Creates custom-length paper at up to 150 pads per minute, making it the fastest paper cushioning system on the market
  • Versatile. Can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning, wrapping, and blocking and bracing. The system’s small footprint can easily fit into your existing packaging operation, whether inline or small cell
  • Reliable and durable. Features an easy-to-use touch screen with four operating modes, requiring minimal training to operate. Bottom-loading design creates fast material changeovers
  • Environmentally responsible. Paper packaging material is made with 100 percent recycled content (85 percent post-industrial and 15 percent post-consumer recovered fibers). A patented single motor delivers instantaneous, faster cutting and requires less power consumption than other paper systems