Stratocell Whisper: Sound absorbing foam

Stratocell® Whisper®

Whisper sound absorbing foam is a hydrophobic material that provides excellent acoustical properties. This material is easy to fabricate and install and is consistent in humid environments, which will save you time and money. Excellent acoustical performance with a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1, humid and moisture resistant, fabricated into any shape and no additional moisture barrier needed, saving overall costs.


  • Resistant to water absorption, contains flame retardant additives.
  • No additional films for moisture barrier.
  • Consistent acoustical performance in humid environments.
  • Available as rigid sheet, flexible sheet and flexible roll.


  • Fulfillment Velocity: Fabricated to fit any size or shape and no additional moisture barrier needed, helps reduce labor needed for installation and overall solution costs.
  • Customer Experience: Superior noise reduction qualities works for the most. rigorous applications, such as road and rail traffic reducing noise pollution in the environment