TempGuard is an insulated recyclable paper pad that protects temperature sensitive and perishable goods in transit for 24-48 hours in an economical and complete curbside recyclable package. Highly customizable box liner that can be optimized through thermal modeling to meet the needs of one- and two-day shipping. Tested to meet ISTA 20 and ISTA 7E certification standards.

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  • Insulated liners were tested to pass ISTA 7E standards to ensure contents maintain proper temperatures.
  • Works with refrigerants ranging from gel packs to phase change materials.
  • Liners are made from kraft paper and paper fibers, providing consumers with completely curbside recyclable packaging.
  • Material flexibility allows for conforming to contents, which equates to smaller external cartons and reduced shipping costs.
  • Padded box liners cushion items and minimize damage during handling and transit.
  • Four standard box liner sizes fit corrugated cartons #10, #12, #14 and #16.


  • Damage Reduction: The padded box liner cushions items and superior insulation properties maintains temperatures ensuring items arrive fresh and food waste is reduced.
  • Cube Optimization: Flexibility allows thermal pads to conform to contents, which provides for the use of smaller external cartons thus reducing shipping costs.
  • Customer Experience: Thermal pads are constructed from heavy-duty Kraft paper containing uniform inner padding which is 100% curbside recyclable, making disposal easy.


  • Environmentally sound: 100% curbside recyclable; 25% post consumer content
  • Heavy-duty 35# Kraft paper with uniform inner padding, cushions & insulates
  • Thermal properties similar to EPS; estimated shipping time 24-48 hours