TuffGard Extreme®

TuffGard Extreme®

Utilizing Sealed Air’s patented Barrier Bubble® technology and our puncture, tear and moisture-resistant multi-layer film, TuffGard Extreme® mailers provide a safe, economic alternative to cartons. The puncture, tear and moisture resistant film creates a mailer with an internal layer of jumbo Bubble Wrap® offering exceptional protective benefits for a wide range of products.

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  • Save on Postage - lightweight mailers weigh less than cartons
  • Save Time and Labor - two-step packaging process vs. six steps for cartons
  • Reduce Material Costs - eliminates internal packaging material and tape
  • Reduce Inventory - a few mailer sizes accommodate many different products
  • Increase Security - strong self-seal closure produces a highly tamper - resistant seal
  • Premium Appearance - fine texture surface is excellent for custom printing, is easy to write on and accepts gummed labels
  • Sizes Offered - Available in 5 sizes. Special sizes - quotations upon request


  • Damage Reduction: Lined with jumbo Bubble Wrap® which contains a special air retention barrier reduces air loss, ensuring high protective cushioning for all items.
  • Fulfillment Velocity: Up to five times faster than using void-fill, cartons and tape, these mailers are ideal for e-commerce businesses needing a fast and easy solution.
  • Cube Optimization: Reducing freight costs is easy with these mailers, which can replace larger cartons that almost always are subject to dimensional weight pricing.
  • Customer Experience: The return process is simple and seamless with a Round Trip custom feature of two seals making it quick and easy for returning unwanted products.