e-cube automated system packaging

The e-Cube® void-reduction system automatically creates rightsized packaging for a variety of industries. It’s ideal for companies that ship between 300 and 3,000 boxes per day. 

FloWrap automated packaging platform

A powerful solution for the high-volume e-commerce market, the FloWrap system produces customized, ready-to-ship, rightsized polybags.

I-Pack automated packaging void reduction

The I-Pack® system is designed to minimize the freight, operating and consumables costs of parcel shipments by rightsizing the pack and optimizing productivity for B2C order fulfillment

PriorityPak automated packaging system in warehouse

This high-speed automated packaging system encases products in a ready-to-ship protective package.

stealthwrap cartoning alternative

SEALED AIR® brand StealthWrap is an opaque, flexible parceling film seals and protects packages during transit, eliminating the need for overboxing and additional

StealthWrap One Step Wrapper

StealthWrap One Step is a small-footprint flexible parceling film system that protects packages during transit, removing the need for outer boxes and additional packaging materials.

Void containment packaging solution for order fulfillment

Best for B2B operations and palletized shipments, the Ultipack® void-containment packaging solution automates corrugated tray forming and box closing.