EcoPure foam is derived from renewable plant-based resin making it a sustainable packaging choice for applications where damage reduction and presentation matter.

Etha foam Synergy Fine Cell PE Foam

Ethafoam Synergy fine-cell, high performance, extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam products are manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards.

Flame Resistant

Durable, lightweight, flexible, solid extruded product that meets the requirements for U.S. Federal Standard FAR 25.853 (a) and Airbus Directives ABD 0031.

iMold System

The fully automated Instapak iMold® system instantly creates engineered, pre-molded Instapak® foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batchi


The Instamolder system can produce up to 600 protective cushions an hour, ideal for high-volume operations.

Instapacker TableTop

This affordable foam-in-bag packaging system combines the proven reliability of our 900 Series metering systems with the convenience and cost effectiveness of the foam-in-bag process.

Foam packaging system

Instapak FoamWrap Express is a compact, bench mounted system that creates continuous foam-filled tubes that provide superior protection with minimal foam usage.

Instapak Quick foam packaging and packaging supplies

Instapak Quick® RT Foam Packaging: All the cost-saving benefits and proven performance of Instapak® foam packaging without the need for equipment.

Instapak Simple Foam in Bag machines

The Instapak Simple® foam-in-bag packaging system is our easiest to use foam-in-bag system yet, merging the premium performance of Instapak® foam packaging with an on-demand d


Cellu-Cushion® foam can be combined with other materials through lamination for custom applications, including printed films, adhesive films, and other polymer types.

Medium and High Density Foams

Sealed Air offers a variety of low/medium to high densities with color and thickness options to meet any packaging or non-packaging applications, such as construction and sport & leisure.

Military Grade

Sealed Air offers an exclusive family of Ethafoam® military packaging products designed to consistently meet the shipping, storage and handling requirements for military applications. 

Recycled Content Foam

Sealed Air offers an environmentally friendly Ethafoam® plank option for customers who want to combine performance with commitment.

Slick Skin

Originally developed for the body board industry, configured with a tough, smooth plastic layer laminated to one side.

Instapak SpeedyPacker expandable foam packaging

For high-volume packaging applications, nothing measures up better than our patented SpeedyPacker Insight® system.