Foam Packaging


polyethylene foam sheets Cellu Cushion

Cellu-Cushion® polyethylene foam products provide excellent light cushioning protection.  Material is highly flexible, easy to fabricate and can be custom ordered.

Ethafoam Planks, Sheets, and blocks

Ethafoam foam planks, sheets and blocks with a full complement of foam options in various densities, colors, thicknesses and properties.

Instapak foam packaging to protect goods when shipped

A fast, easy and versatile process for on-line, on-site production of protective polyurethane foam packages.

Instapak quick packaging helps you save money

Instapak Quick® RT Packaging is easy to use while requiring no equipment or start up costs and has all of the cost savings of Instapak® foam packaging.

Floor Underlay

The Opti-Step® portfolio of flooring underlayments leverages the experience and technology of Sealed Air’s foams, film, composites and converting capabilities. 

Laminated plank to provide a cost-efficient solution and protection

The exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio delivers superior performance while using less material, creating cost-efficient solution and protection for today’s lighter weight products.

Sound Absorbing Foam, waterproof foam, sound resistant, sound proofing

Whisper® foam is a hydrophobic material that provides excellent acoustical properties. This material is easy to fabricate and install, and is consistent in humid environments.