Recycling Jiffy Mailer® products

Sealed Air has received the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) chain of custody certification for Jiffylite® mailers, Jiffy® Padded mailers, Yesterday’s News mailers and Jiffy® Utility mailers. The chain of custody process tracks products through different stages of paper production, starting in the forest and ending with consumption by customers; ensuring that chain of custody certified products come from well-managed forests and recycled paper.

Jiffy® Padded mailers, Jiffy® Utility mailers and Jiffy Rigi Bag® mailers can be recycled at any recycling center that accepts mixed paper (i.e. magazines, office paper, junk mail).

Jiffy Mailer® products eliminate the use of bulky corrugated containers when shipping low-profile items. Many are produced from post-consumer recycled fibers and can be easily recycled in common “mixed paper” recycling streams.

Recycling Jiffy mailer products