There are hidden costs lurking inside your operation and keeping you from being able to grow. The source of most of that hidden cost? Boxes.

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They’re time-intensive to handle, expensive to store, increasingly costly to buy, full of empty void you’re paying to ship, and your customers don’t like the waste and mess they create. Bringing carton alternatives and automated right-sizing capabilities into your operation will enable you to unlock labor efficiency, dimensional weight savings, warehousing space, and lock in loyal, satisfied customers.

Is excessive packaging weighing down your operations?

On average, packers use 10% more material per box than is actually required to protect the items inside, and a majority of boxes are 30-60% bigger than they need to be to fit the item inside. And with the rising cost of corrugated and dimensional weight prices, that wasted material could be draining your profits by 16%. 

Boxes contribute to fulfillment's inefficiencies.

Boxes can contribute to a number of inefficiencies - including wasted time and lost productivity - in the fulfillment process. See 17 hidden inefficiencies in the fulfillment process »

Are boxes slowing your business down? 

Boxes are a low-tech way to crank through orders, but all those slotted cartons  need to be folded, taped, filled, and taped again. The clock is ticking and you’ve got volume to get out the door today. 

What if you could unbox the hidden costs and stop the profit loss in your operations?

Sealed Air’s portfolio of automated right-sizing solutions and carton alternatives can deliver a better consumer experience that costs less to pack, less to ship, and has a lower carbon footprint. 

By Re-Thinking the Box in your operations, you could:

- Pack and ship 3 times more product per minute.
- Create those faster packs are without void fill or excessive packaging materials
- Reduce your freight costs by eliminating that waste material, and lock in loyal, satisfied customers with clean, fast and effective protection for your products.

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