Meeting Omnichannel Demand

In the fast-paced, mega-competitive omnichannel world, retailers must have a plan of attack and an arsenal of tactics to obtain and retain customers. Having the ability to efficiently pack and send products from physical stores to e-commerce customers gives retailers a competitive edge. 

Ship from store is a simple concept: Retailers fulfill e-commerce orders from the backs of individual, physical stores versus remote distribution centers. Store employees pick products from shelves, package the items and provide to carriers. The solution not only reduces delivery costs but also exploits inventory and avoids mark downs.

Ship from Store: Friend or Foe?

Ship from store can be a retailer's secret weapon or its epic fail. Sealed Air can fix or finesse existing ship-from-store operations by minimizing setup investment, maximizing fulfillment efficiency, and reinforcing brand value.  

Done wrong ship from store can turn into a firestorm of inefficiency resulting in excessive shipping expenses, sloppy packaging, damaged products, employee injuries, dissatisfied customers, and tarnished brand reputations.      

Done right ship from store can prevent lost orders, increase revenue, build brand equity, create repeat e-commerce customers, and retain brand fans.

Shape Up Your Ship from Store Operation  

Consumers are more concerned with secondary packaging than retailers might think. A recent e-commerce survey revealed 66% of Americans believe the packaging of their shipment shows them how much the retailer cares about them and their order. Forty-eight percent said the appearance and quality of the packaging relates to the value of what’s inside. 

The experience e-commerce shoppers have at their front door should mimic the experience they have inside the store. To achieve this equality, Sealed Air can shape up retailers’ existing e-commerce strategy in three specific ways:   

Omnichannel retail demand to minimize setup investment

Minimize Setup Investment

  • Reduce initial setup expense
  • Optimize back-room space
  • Outfit back rooms with intuitive packaging solutions 

Maximize Fulfillment Efficiency

  • Save money on packaging and shipping
  • Make the most of store associates’ time
  • Simplify in-store fulfillment operation 

Reinforce Brand Value  

  • Provide consistent branding from store to door
  • Replicate inside-store shopping experience inside the box 
  • Print brand messaging and logos on packaging

What We Do   

Sealed Air has been in the fulfillment space for decades and has developed successful strategies for maximizing ship-from-store procedures for any type and size of retailer. We can improve a retailer’s existing ship-from-store operation by:

  • Optimizing processes
  • Analyzing packaging costs
  • Auditing
  • Value stream mapping
  • Training associates
  • Providing packaging solutions that meet specific needs and budgets 

Sealed Air can immediately pinpoint where the the biggest problems are and attack them with solutions that go beyond packaging and affect a company’s ability to fulfill inside the store fast enough to satisfy customer demand.

Not only are we uniquely positioned to solve immediate issues, we also have the ability to look holistically at ship-from-store operations to solve the challenges of:

  • Damage reduction
  • Fulfillment velocity
  • Cube optimization
  • Customer experience 

Solutions for Any Store of Any Size 

Sealed Air's ship-from-store retail packaging solutions range from damage protection to void-fill. We help retailers decide which solutions best fit their business and budget from these specific packaging categories:   

Let Us Fix Your Ship-from-Store Process 

For more information on Sealed Air's in-store fulfillment offerings and details on how we can refine existing retail strategy and ship-from-store operations:

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